FEI Brussels Equestrian Endurance Masters 2017

From 16 to 19th August, Brussels is getting ready to host the biggest equestrian endurance event of the year 2017!

After a first try done the 3rd week of August 2016 which has been unanimously appreciated by the specialists, the public and the media, the BRUSSELS EQUESTRIAN ENDURANCE MASTERS (BEEM) are close to the kick-off of their 2nd edition. This edition is going to be the biggest event of 2017 for the equestrian endurance world.

The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) agreed to Brussels the organisation of two major championships which will be completed by a nations cup and an international race. The program is the following:


Thursday 17/08

  • European Championship (CH-EU-E) – 160 kms – 5 loops – 80 starters, 23 nations – departure at 7 am – arrival of the first ones at about 5 pm


Vendredi 18/08

  • Nations Ladies Cup (CEIO2*) – 120 kms – 4 loops – 50 starters, 6 nations – departure at 8 am – arrival of the first ones at about 4:30 pm
  • International Race (CEI2*) – 120 kms – 4 loops – 30 starters, 6 nations – departure at 8:30 am – arrival of the first ones at about 5 pm


Samedi 19/08

  • World Championship of the Young Horses (CH-M-E-7Y) – 120 kms – 4 loops – 70 starters – 18 nations


All the tracks have been traced at the heart of the Sonian Forest (which has 200 kms of horses accessible paths of which half of it is exclusively reserved for them) in consultation with the forester authorities of the 3 Regions: Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. The Cambre Wood which has been provided by the City of Brussels will host horses and installations from Monday 14th August. A village of exhibitors and restauration (40 stands) will be set up at the Carrefour des Attelages. It will be the main public gathering spot as it is where preliminary vet controls will take place (Wednesday 16th August at 2 pm) as well as the end of loop controls which will determinate is the horse can continue the competition or not.

Belgium is the country with the highest worldwide equine animals concentration (405.000) and where the horse riding is extremely popular (3rd practiced sport and 1st female sport). Belgium is in the best position to host such an event. The organisation committee supported by the Belgian Royal Equestrian Sports Federation (FRBSE-KBRSF) and dynamised by the European Horse Centre of Mont-le-Soie, rally for the cause 30 staff employees, 50 stewards and 40 officials.

The same committee is supported by public organizations such as the National Lottery (Lotto), the Brussels Capital Region (Visit Brussel), the Walloon Region (APAQ-W), the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (Adeps) as well as private sponsors: Sheikh Mansour Fondation (Abu Dhabi), Audi, Dolce Hotels or bx1 Television.

The entry to the Cambre Woods is completely free.

The mobility habits around the Cambre Woods will be slightly modified, such as the closing of the Chaussée de la Hulpe between the Racetrack of Boitsfort and the Drève de Lorraine.
Walkers and bikers are invited not to use the horse paths in the Sonian Forest.

For more information: visit our website www.brussels-endurance.org or the Facebook page of the Brussels Equestrian Endurance Masters.


The Riders from Germany are:

1. Melanie ARNOLD with Sevinc
2. Rebecca ARNOLD with Serpa 2
3. Sabrina ARNOLD with Tarzibus
4. Ursula KLINGBEIL with Aid du Florival


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